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  White Moose - A Canadian Tradition

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Foleyet, Ontario.
White Calf.

Foleyet, Ontario.
White Calf. A piebald moose would have dark brown patches, not light grey guard hairs...

Debate as to when these pic's were taken, but I know the location well. A beautiful white moose (cow) in the Foleyet area. I wonder if the MNR will wait until these moose gets hit by a transport before they decide to take action?
These moose, like many others, visit the side of the highway during the winter and spring months, to eat the salt deposits. If the rumors are true, these pic's were taken in early january of 2005, which would mean that there is a high chance that they're still alive. Although the calf doesn't look so white (because of the grey spots) this may be exactly what we want to see as far as evolution goes. The grey on this calf is the same as that of the bull which was harvested (see help page) and it would seem that it is likely that this animal,
comming from the same genetic "Armstrong" strain, will exhibit the same characteristics. What makes this animal very unique is the color pattern on its guard hairs, and the fact that it is only a calf (less than a year old). A photo of a regular "PIEBALD" moose which was harvested. Notice that the blotches are dark brown (the normal color phase) rather than grey... Origin Unknown. I was tricked by this shot into thinking that this animal was hit by the train in 94, but after closer examination, the freckle is on the wrong side.
The cow is nearly completely white, with only several dark brown freckles on her neck, on both sides. She has 2 freckles on the right, and one on the left. Discussions with Dr. Vince Crichton seem to indicate that this animal may be an albino, but he's not certain at this point.
Discussion Forum with Vince
There goes the calf into the woods... Seems like white fur maybe isn't such bad camo in the winter... Dangerous place for a cow and calf to be hanging out. Moose are drawn to the highway for the salt deposits.
Mom and son licking road salt... Is that calf smiling? And as quickly as they came before us, they disappeared into the wilderness ... Got a little bit close for the calves comfort Larry...
One more photo from Larry Gubbles of Timmins ... Origin Unknown but everything I was able to dig up about this picture pointed to Alaska. I believe that the animal shown on the left and this one are the same. The information I found also pointed this one to Alaska. Exact Origin Unknown : I believe these pics were taken in the mid 80's in the Cochrane area.
A nice young White Bull from the Foleyet Area. Photographed by Colleen Johnson April 23, 2005 Two white moose from the Foleyet Area. Photographed by Laurent Robichaud May 2004 ...
  A family lineage of Foleyet White Moose .... Why do all of these pics keep comming from Foleyet? Are there white calves with white cows elsewhere? A locally found picture ... An old picture of a foleyet White Moose.




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